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About Frank Butrey Guitar Lessons


My teaching approach is to help the student develop the ability to perform, compose, improvise, enjoy and understand music. I will tailor the lessons to the students desired style/interests but will also introduce them to other styles/genres.


A strong foundation in the basics (good technique, some reading skills, basic theory, and song form) is necessary for a student of any level. This quickens the learning process and gives the student the ability to interact and communicate with other musicians as well as learn songs on their own. These skills would be worked on.


If the student is interested in making a career in music or, if the interest develops through time, we would move on to an advanced study of technique, theory, improvisation, etc. I like to treat all of my students as though they are career minded musicians but I also understand that it is a wonderful hobby for many.


I'm very influenced by jazz inspired improvisation and composition. But the type of jazz I enjoy playing and listening to is fueled and influenced by many styles of music from subtle to extreme. Most of the musicians I know dislike music labeling.


-My guitar lessons take place on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at:


The Conservatory of Musical Arts

57 East Kings Highway

Audubon NJ 08106. 


-Located on the corner of Kings Highway and Amherst Ave, right across the street from St. Rose of Lima Parish. 


-Office Hours: Monday through Thursday, 12:00pm-6:00pm. Friday, 12:00noon-4:00pm Sat/Sun, office closed. 

-lesson times between 2:30pm and 9:00pm.


Phone: 856.354.1432 



-Guitar Techniques:


Lead Guitar - Rhythm Guitar - Finger-style - Performance -Improvisation - Jamming Skills - Reading Music, Music Theory - Scales and Exercises - Song Writing - Guidance In Equipment Selection.


-Your first guitar lesson with me might include the following:


I’m excited to meet new students and enjoy learning about their goals, influences and style or styles of music that they are interested in playing on the guitar. I would be happy to answer any questions they would have about me. If they have musical experience I would listen to them play and/or discuss where they are level wise and suggest a course of study. For a beginning student I would start on basic playing techniques and plan a course of study.


-A guitar lesson with me might entail the following: 


We would warm up with some scales and some ideas to improve technique. Next we would work on some sight reading followed by chord study (learning new shapes and applying them to chord progressions). The remainder of the lesson would be spent on studying songs and/or the techniques used in performing the music that the student is primarily interested in. I would also encourage my students to learn to create their own songs (for their own personal enjoyment or to share with others).


-The qualities I look for in an ideal guitar student might include the following: 


I enjoy working with all levels of interest. Playing the guitar is a beautiful thing and I haven’t been bored a day since I learned to play music.  


A student with desire, an open mind and the understanding that practice time (a minimum effort to have fun as a hobby and many hours to play on the highest levels) is required to enjoy playing music on the guitar.


A sense of humor is great but not required.