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Frank Butrey: Press

"......his chord arrangements move like butter through the tracks making the transitions fluid and the dynamics sedate and subtle."

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"Philadelphia guitarist Frank Butrey delivers the goods on his latest outing, Malicious Delicious, a versatile platform for Butrey’s composing, arranging and especially his vigorous sometimes stinging six-string work".

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"I give this superb CD a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98.  Additionally, Frank gets the “PICK” of this issue for “best guitar-based jazz”!"

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"Butrey is truly the man, and this will be loved by any fan of not just guitar jazz, but guitar playing as a whole.

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 "If you dig guitarists cranking fuzed heat and cosmic cool, you should definitely NOT miss this one".

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"On Malicious Delicious Frank Butrey, with the help of his trio, delivers a set that’s not only muscular but also stylistically quite wide-ranging".

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"A solid guitar man that knows his way around his axe....."

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"...touches on many styles on his new CD, ranging from gorgeous to in-your-face loud."

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 "Check out this disc and discover an artist who deserves to be a household name".

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"A prodigiously gifted guitarist and composer......."

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" Butrey is doing his part in putting the electric guitar back in the jazz minds".

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Review of new CD "Malicious Delicious".

 "Butrey whips up a series of intense and sometimes very personal statements that, as the title implies, shake things up and at times, provide a rich taste of more sensitive playing".

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"If you want music to make you sit up and look at your loudspeakers in wide-eyed amazement then this is the album for you!" 

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"Philly based guitarist Frank Butrey takes a huge bite out of the Pretzel with his dexterous breakout recording "Malicious Delicious".

J.Michael Harrison - host of "The Bridge" - WRTI Radio 90.1 FM - Philadelphia PA.

"Frank Butrey has blown the top of my head off this afternoon. Bound to be one of my faves of the year!"

Gary Lowe - WUNH, Portsmouth NH. (Feb 15, 2011)

"I was pretty impressed with Frank Butrey, I've always been a fan of jazz/rock in the vein of David Axelrod, so I was happy to add this one to our library!"

Alan Hochtkiss - KXSC, Los Angeles CA. (Feb 15, 2011)

Review of "Malicious Delicious".

"The Strength, passion, versatility and sensitivity of his playing makes him one of the most compelling guitarists around. His trio with Cliff Kellem and Tony Wyatt is spellbinding and the ensembles on the remaining cuts (Leonard "Hub" Hubbard, Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble, Joe Ruscitto, Tom Lowery) are stellar! Butrey's characteristic sectional writing style - unique, beautiful, and full of improvisation - is in full force on this CD - just wonderful. Long awaited and worth the wait!

Kayle Brecher - Recording artist, vocalist, composer, arranger. (Dec 19, 2009)

"Frank Butrey is an amazing guitar player. When listening to his music I oftentimes rewind to his solos that take me to some of the most beautiful places. Auguri Frank on an award winning album"

Graziella D'Amelio - Director, LifeLine Music Coalition, Inc. - Jazz Promoter

"Stirring, fascinating and distinctive improvisations and compositions"

Mark Gridley (author of Jazz Styles) - Erie Times News Showcase

"Butrey's guitar supplies an inexhaustible variety of sound".

Bob Francesconi - Erie Times


Harvey Pekar, freelance writer and contributor to JazzTimes and Jazziz

"..Butrey is one of those cats who has complete command of his guitar, yet he's always searching for something new to learn on it."

Deni Kasrel - The Press, Philadelphia PA.

" Frank Butrey's guitar adding  dead on lyrical support behind Brecher's soulful singing"

Todd S. Jenkins - All About Jazz review of Kayle Brecher's CD - "Urban Objects"

"He Stayed And Played" (Frank Butrey composition), segues through changes in rhythm throughout with nice Pat Martino style guitar work by Butrey".

Victor L. Schermer - All About Jazz review of the CD " Man Bites Dog" by Warren Oree and the Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble

 Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble 
Annenberg Center: Harold Prince Theater 
Motown Meets Jazz 
Philadelphia, PA 
December 11, 2015

Most notable among the instrumentalists was guitarist Frank Butrey, who can play every kind of music ever written and who dared to take the kind of risks that makes jazz exciting.